The ICZMP has been expanded, upscaled and termed as” Enhancing Coastal and Ocean Resource Efficiency (ENCORE)” Project. Activities under ENCORE Project would cover identified coastal stretches in all the 13 coastal States/UTs besides activities under the national component.

The ‘Enhancing Coastal and Ocean Resource Efficiency Project’ (ENCORE) is based on the results, success stories, experiences and lessons learnt from the ICZM Project. ENCORE Project will be a part of the envisaged National Coastal Mission and an expansion of the ICZM Project and will be implemented in all the 13 coastal States/UTs. The total cost of the project would be Rs. 5600 crore approx. and would be implemented with a Multiphase Programmatic Approach (MPA) with the first phase of Rs. 2400 Cr. approx and second phase with a cost of Rs. 3200 Cr. approx from FY 2020-21 to FY 2027- 2028 under the following broad components –.

  • Conservation and protection of coastal and marine resources.
  • Pollution abatement, management, and eco-tourism Infrastructure development.
  • Livelihood enhancement/security of coastal com
  • Environment education, research, and capacity building.

The program aims at extending ICZM approaches adopted in the ICZM Project for the process of managing the coastline and its developmental pressures vis-a-vis its conservation and climate change adaptation needs with coastal communities as the main partners in all coastal States/UTs of India

Project At a Glance

Project At a Glance
Start Date Cost End Date Funding Agency
Preliminary stage Rs. 5600 cr approx NA MoEF&CC, GoI

Overall Responsibilities & Functions

Overall Responsibilities & Functions
Responsible Institution Function
MoEF&CC, GoI Providing national policy and implementation framework, approval of annual plans and implementation oversight.
SICOM as NPMU under MoEF&CC, GoI Project implementation leadership, accountability to achieving Project Development Objectives (PDOs), implementation of the National Component.
DoFE in each Coastal State/UTs Providing state policy and implementation leadership framework, approval of state level annual plans and budget, and implementation oversight.
SPMUs under the respective DoFEs of each Coastal State/UTs State level project implementation leadership and accountability to achieving Project Development Objectives (PDOs), implementation of the state level components.