National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management

National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management
National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management
National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management

Under National Component, a world class institute National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management has been established to support the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, State Governments, Institutions, various organizations for efficient coastal management.

The National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM) has the following vision and mission that would aid in the better protection, conservation, rehabilitation, management and policy design of the coast. It would promote integrated and sustainable management of coastal and marine areas in India and advise the Union and States/ Union Territory Governments and other associated stakeholders on scientific research aspects related to Integrated Coastal Management (ICZM).


Promote sustainable coasts through increased partnerships, conservation practices, scientific research and knowledge management for the benefit and well being of current and future generations.

Mission and Role

Support integrated management of coastal and marine environment for livelihood security, sustainable development and hazard risk management by enhancing

  • Knowledge
  • Research and Advisory Support
  • Partnerships and Network
  • Coastal Community Interface

Scientific divisions of NCSCM

  • Coastal Environmental Impact Assessment (CIA)
  • Integrated Island Management (IIM)
  • Coastal and Marine Resources Conservation (CMR)
  • Integrated Social Sciences and Economics (ISE)
  • Futuristic Research (FTR)
  • Knowledge, Governance and Policy (KGP)
  • Geospatial Sciences (GEO)

The following are major areas in which studies at a national level have been completed by NCSCM for the first time in the country, which has direct relevance and implication to policy and decision making.

  • Coastal and Marine Resource Conservation- Mapping of Ecologically Sensitive Areas (ESA) along the mainland coast and islands of India, etc.
  • Coastal Regulation Zone- Demarcation of High Tide Line (HTL) has been completed for the coast including estuaries, etc.
  • Shoreline Management- Delineation of Coastal Sediment Cells which is the key input for the country’s shoreline management has been completed.
  • Carrying Capacity- Carrying Capacity of beaches of Goa has been completed, etc.
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation- Offshore wind energy potential for mainland coast and islands has been completed.
  • Pollution Monitoring- Key pollution hotspots along the coast/ estuaries/ creeks of India are being monitored to assess cumulative environmental impacts, etc.
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)- Guideline to prepare ICZM Plan has been developed.