Beach Environment & Aesthetic Management System (BEAMS)

Infrastructure Facilities, Pollution Abatement & Safety/Surveillance Services for Pilot Beaches of India

A “Clean” Beach is the primary indicator of the Coastal environmental quality & management. However, the coastal region in India is highly susceptible to litter accumulation. The presence of such debris not only affects the aesthetic appeal of beaches negatively but also reduces their recreational (tourism) value drastically.

To plan sustainable tourism and healthy coastal management, MoEF&CC has conceived an integrated coastal management scheme viz. BEAMS (also referred to as Beach Management Services) to reduce existing pollutants on beaches and to aspire & achieve such high International Standards in India.

The main objective of setting up of BEAMS programme is to promote sustainable development in coastal regions of India for the beach management authorities to strive to achieve high international standards in four categories of:

  • Environmental Management including cleanliness, solid waste management in beaches.
  • Environment Education.
  • Safety & Security of Beachgoers.
  • Bathing Water Quality Standards.

SICOM has initiated the process for clean beaches in 13 pilot beaches (one pilot beach in every Coastal States/UTs) under this programme and inline with Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.